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How Commercial Landscaping Services Can Improve the Appearance of Your Property


Commercial landscaping services can enhance the appearance of any property. Office buildings featuring beautiful landscaping draw tenants and employees, while retail shops with quality landscapes experience higher sales volumes. The best way to find the landscape contractors is in San Jose, CA.

Finding an all-encompassing commercial landscape contractor will save time and money. A reliable provider should offer clear pricing structures, service details, timelines, etc.

1. Experience

Selecting an experienced commercial landscape contractor means finding one familiar with all stages of the landscaping process, from design consultation through project completion and ongoing maintenance. Furthermore, finding someone who understands your specific needs and expectations and is capable of meeting them should be your goal.

Look for a commercial landscape company that can show examples of its past work, references from clients, and reviews on online review sites, as this will provide a good indication of its style, attention to detail, and ability to meet your business’s unique requirements.

Choose a landscape service with degreed horticulture professionals on staff who understand current industry design and construction practices, such as knowledge of ADA compliance as well as sustainable products and landscape techniques.

Seek out a company that takes great pride in their work and clearly communicates with clients. Job specifications and man-hour estimates must be clearly displayed for commercial lawn maintenance and landscaping jobs to make a profit. Otherwise, overestimation of costs or time estimates could lead to poor quality work and missed deadlines. A reputable, experienced landscape company will respect budget restrictions while still completing jobs correctly and efficiently.

2. Reputation

Commercial landscape contractors rely heavily on service contracts. Securing one large contract can support an entire business and help safeguard profit margins during slower times. When transitioning from residential landscaping, commercial work usually involves much larger crew sizes, supervisors, and equipment than needed for residential work.

Reputation is another critical aspect to keep in mind when searching for commercial landscaping contractors. A good contractor will have extensive online reviews, testimonials, and experience with a diverse clientele. Furthermore, make sure that the chosen firm holds workers’ compensation insurance, general liability coverage, and state licensing.

When selecting a commercial landscape contractor, make sure they offer comprehensive services tailored to meet your needs. A full-service provider can take on everything from design through installation and maintenance of your project in a reasonable fashion, eliminating time wasted by hiring multiple subcontractors separately and guaranteeing it gets done on schedule.

Landscape design and maintenance is vitally important to any business. A manicured environment can add to the perceived value of your property and draw customers, employees, and prospective tenants into your establishment. In addition, an immaculate climate sends the message that your organization cares about its surroundings and community.

3. Flexibility

Commercial landscape contractors must often present estimates and proposals more tailored to retail clients’ budgets or the requirements of local government agencies when bidding on projects.

An appealing landscape can add to the visual appeal of any business or office and attract customers while saving costs on cooling bills through shade trees and plants. Research also demonstrates that people become more productive when they interact with nature.

Business owners typically have many competing priorities when running their companies, making property maintenance an afterthought. A professional commercial landscape contractor will work within your budget to select elements suitable for your space that will add visual interest and provide maximum efficiency.

Many landscape professionals provide service plans designed to keep your commercial space looking its best all year round, including seasonal services such as weeding, mulching, and pruning, as well as routine monthly mowing, edging, and plant health monitoring. This ensures your property attracts customers while fulfilling appearance goals.

4. Customer Service

Commercial landscape contractors provide more than design, installation, and construction; they also offer ongoing maintenance. This service may include mowing, fertilization, pruning, weed control, and soil aeration to keep grounds healthy, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. Professional horticulturists make frequent site visits to assess each plant or tree’s health status and offer recommendations based on cost-effectiveness, return on investment, and maximum benefit to your property.

An attractive commercial landscape increases the value of your property, makes a positive first impression with clients and employees, draws tourists in; and studies have indicated that people feel more at ease in environments featuring quality green space.

When selecting a commercial landscaping company, carefully assess its services against your business needs and contractual terms and conditions; for instance, ensure the contract includes language ensuring they possess insurance and an efficient process for resolving disputes.

Brandon Duke is the CEO of Juniper Landscaping Services, an award-winning landscaping company with 19 locations and more than 2,000 employees nationwide. He attributes Juniper’s success to their focus on employee and customer service combined with technological advancement; when not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.