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What Should I Post on My Business Social Media?


Whether it’s sharing news about your company, offering special promotions, or commemorating an employee’s birthday, social media can engage your target audience and draw them in various ways. Guide on how get instagram followers.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Represent your customers and their stories as part of a post that helps build trust between a business and its customers. Doing this also shows that your company values relationships with its clients.

1. Share news about your company

Sharing company news lets your followers stay abreast of what’s happening within your business, such as employee profiles, announcements of sales milestones, or even just sharing an inspiring client success story.

Be mindful of promoting yourself and sharing content from outside sources pertinent to your audience. Throwback Thursdays or quotes that relate directly to your industry may provide valuable content. Likewise, promote events supported by your company that demonstrate more than just profit-making efforts.

2. Share a new product or service

As soon as a new product or service becomes available, inform your audience. Doing this can create excitement about an upcoming launch date while keeping followers up-to-date.

One fun idea for driving customer engagement on social media platforms is sharing fill-in-the-blank posts asking customers what they would do with certain products and services. Such posts provide excellent ways of moving conversation without resorting to overt “engagement-baiting” tactics that could cause problems on these channels.

3. Share a behind-the-scenes look at your company

Social media provides an effective way of humanizing your brand; showing pictures of employees having fun or working together can help people relate and develop trust for you and your company.

Be wary not to overshare and embarrass your staff, however. Sharing coffee spills or laughing at something in the office is fine; showing employees going out partying or catching giant fish might not be appropriate for your business. Share behind-the-scenes content via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or directly on your website.

4. Share a personal story

Sometimes sharing personal stories on business social media helps build rapport with audiences and show there is a natural person behind your brand. For instance, food businesses could share how their founder started the company.

Be mindful not to share too much personal content online, such as badmouthing clients or talking about being unable to pay bills.

5. Share a customer’s story

Chances are, your business has some success stories to share with its target audience. Doing this effectively shows that you care about their well-being and wish them every success when using your product or service.

Fill-in-the-blank questions can also be highly engaging for your audience and add another layer of interaction for viewers. Just be careful not to post anything inappropriate that could damage your brand image. If you doubt its tone, ask someone close to you to review them before posting.

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