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Ways to get a KITAS and Do the job Permit in Bali


“I am not an Athenian or maybe a Greek, but a citizen with the world”. When Socrates uttered these immortal words all around 450 BC, residency is important was clearly much more clear-cut. Perhaps, today taking into account Greece’s financial troubles he would likely classify himself as a homeowner of the E. U. Similarly, when someone decides to reside in Bali, one of the first tasks should be to determine your current situation in addition to circumstances and then apply for the correct visa. You will be offered several shortcuts and tricks to be able to beat the system but I actually strongly advise against these options and to play that straight. If you plan to spend a long time in Indonesia it is definitely worthwhile to take time to understand the basic application process and also familiarize yourself with the paperwork involved with living and working in Dalam Negri, legally.

Having decided to be now living in Bali, and with a job prearranged, the next step is to apply for a passport. I know of many companies who also tell their employees to have business visas as it is much simpler and quicker. They are right in saying it is much simpler and quicker but it is additionally illegal to work in Dalam Negri under a business visa. A small business visa is only applicable just where someone is visiting or perhaps staying in the country short term to be able to conduct business such as finding products and services or arranging deals with manufacturers. If you are hired by an Indonesian company or perhaps an Indonesian division of another company and are based in this article long term, then a business passport is not suitable and you must apply for a KITAS (temporary keep visa) with work allow. There have been several incidents over time of people who were working not lawful under business visas getting detained, deported, and banned from Indonesia for a period of connected years.

The KITAS licenses are valid for one calendar year and are extendable in-country. To help lodge an application you will need to supply the following documents:
– Content of your passport.
– Cv and references
– Content of Academic qualifications
instructions Passport photographs with crimson backgrounds (21 x 4cm x 6cm, 8 a 3cm x 4cm, a few x 2cm x 3cm ).

Additionally, you will need your personal employer to provide the following unique paperwork.

– The company Act (Akte Perusahaan)
– Their domicile documents (Domisili Perusahaan)
– The company’s tax variety (NPWP)
– The company’s small business license letter (SIUP)
instructions The company’s registration number (TDP)
– Organisational chart
instructions Copy of employee written agreement between you and Company
– Director’s identity card (KTP)
: Commissioner’s identity card (KTP)
– Certificate of enrollment to the Department of Labour (UU no . 17, 1981)
– 20 company page heads, signed by the business director and sealed with all the company stamps.

It would be smart to check that your prospective employer in fact has all these papers just before getting over-excited about your career leads. You must also give training as to which Indonesian Ambassade abroad you wish to pick up your current visa. Before a work allows can be issued the consumer must pay the sum of a single, 200 USD into an authorities bank account which is supposed to finance the training of professionals who will someday replace expat experts. This specific payment should be made in man or at least you should accompany often the agent when making this monthly payment. There have been many cases where unwitting applicants had their providers make this payment on their behalf merely to find out that the dodgy providers pocketed the monies causing the clients with false work permits and thus prone to a prison sentence if noticed.

Expect the whole application practice to take up to a month followed by the time a fax will likely be sent to the Indonesian consulate you nominated authorizing these phones to issue you with a Kitas. After entering Indonesia that you are allowed about 5 days and nights (the exact period will be in the immigration stamp on your passport) to report to the Immigration business office to validate your passport. Your agent will typically accompany you on this go-to and babysit you during the ensuing fingerprinting process.

In completion of the process, you should have inside your possession 4 original paperwork issued in the following buy. A KITAS – id card, a Blue Publication – immigration log publication on which will be logged virtually any changes to your immigration reputation including changes of deal with, martial status, etc . a piece permit IKTA and an authorities certificate SKLD. You should deliver your KITAS with you constantly and remember you are allowed simply to work for the company documented as the sponsor and in the capacity detailed on your KITAS and IKTA.

Once you are granted a KITAS you are obliged to get a private tax number NPWP and also file your tax review at end of the duty year. You are responsible for this technique, not your employer. Oftentimes, the employer undertakes to cover taxes on behalf of the employee, however, you must be sure to demand certificates of payment from your boss. There have been many documented situations where the employee only identified at the end of a contract that he or she owed a lot of money to the taxman.

Once a KITAS is supplied, you are not allowed to leave the particular without an exit permit, here are a few options here like sole re-entry exit permit, many re-entry valid for a few months, or multiple re-entries logical for twelve months. I would recommend you now have a valid permit at all times if you want to travel abroad for problems. At the end of your KITAS time, you have the option to extend in-country. If you are not extending you must have a termination certificate EPO, this can be basically a guarantee to the administration that you are not leaving having any “unfinished business”. Entire, it would be advisable to retain and understand the terms KITAS, IKTA, SKLD, and KTP in addition to EPO as you will pick up them over and over again.

If you have a lot of time and patience, you can practice the visa and do the job permit yourself but get to spend many days waiting in Administration offices. There are many agents “Biro Jasa” offering visa control services and though they appear for being selling similar products all their prices vary quite considerably. Research rates until you find an agent that you are comfortable with and do not basic your decision solely on value. Contacting an agent who will give you a great price and do you know the office is on the backside of a motorbike may be very complicated than communicating with an established specialist firm. A couple of practical inquiries to ask an agent before assigning would be:

1 . How long have they been providing this service?
2 . not Can they introduce you to somebody who has recently been a client for years (original program and extensions)?

You should also go to their office and get knowledgeable about the individual handling your application. It could sound complicated and an inconvenience but frankly if you plan to reside in Indonesia, it is definitely well worth the effort to get familiar with the process, and after that future extensions will be simply a minor formality. You also don’t need to be looking over your shoulder joint and suffering from anxiety attacks once you hear rumors of a “razia” or raid by the immigration officials or end up similar to Socrates “philosiphying” about large matters, – like the reason you didn’t go to the trouble to get the correct visa in the first place along with avoiding the repercussions.

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