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How to Play Flash Games Without Flash


Adobe officially discontinued Flash at the end of 2020, and browsers started blocking content that relied on it, though that doesn’t mean Flash games have gone away forever. What is the perfect way to find the Free Online Games?

Multiple methods are available to enjoy these classic arcade challenges and side-scrolling worlds without Adobe Flash. Here are a few strategies to enhance your gaming experience without this technology.


Some emulators make playing Flash games possible. These software solutions mimic Adobe’s Flash Player technology on desktop and browser environments; some are open-source with regular updates.

The Internet Archive has adopted Ruffle as one solution to preserve old Flash game content. Ruffle is an actual Flash Player emulator that works on desktops and browsers via WebAssembly; unlike Flashpoint, it does not come preloaded with games but can be customized with your own SWF files for playback.

The Internet Archive hosts an expansive library of Flash games in its software library. This collection spans simple creations to fully-fledged video games – be sure to check back often in case your favorite flash game has finally appeared!

Browser Extensions

Adobe’s decision to discontinue Flash games may come as a shock to fans of its games. Yet, there are still ways they can be enjoyed: through downloads, online software emulators, and browser extensions that offer seamless playing experiences for years after Flash’s death. These tools help preserve Flash’s joy for generations.

Flash was not only unsecured and memory intensive; its retirement also brought security breaches and memory issues that plagued it for years. As a result, today’s web is moving away from Flash towards safer technologies that don’t require an additional plugin installation process as Flash did.

To test out some Flash games, visit the Internet Archive’s Software Library and click on their Flash section. Here you will find an array of emulation games that can be launched when clicking “Click to Begin.” Once selected, press this button for instant emulation playback!

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive, best known for its Wayback Machine digital library service, has begun archiving Flash games and animations ahead of Adobe’s planned discontinuation of Flash in 2020. The Archive will emulate it to ensure users can still access this part of web history.

To accomplish this goal, the Archive has developed a standalone software application called Flashpoint that works across Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Users can save and play their Flash video games at their leisure from within an offline archive created by this application; additionally, it also hosts Newgrounds, which will continue hosting games when browsers stop supporting Adobe’s Flash plugin.

Software for download is free; however, donations to Patreon give early access to game additions and allow you to suggest titles be added to our library collection. As a result, our group may not yet be complete, but it continues to expand rapidly!


Adobe’s decision to discontinue Flash could cause many browser-based games to stop working in a few years, yet gamers have found ways to still access these titles despite not needing this outdated plugin.

As more games are developed using open technologies like HTML5 and WebGL, Adobe Flash games may become obsolete and completely irretrievable. As this progresses, thousands of old flash games risk disappearing forever.

However, dedicated fans have come forward to save these classic games before it’s too late. Their methods include downloading software, emulators, and browser extensions; each offers different ways of experiencing your favorite flash games, whether at home or on the go. Furthermore, Flashpoint archive keeps many Flash games alive digitally by providing the software free of charge but early access to new additions via Patreon support – providing early access to any updates or features!

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