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Celebrity Bodyguards Near Car Outdoors Stock Photo


Careful examination of celebrity photos often reveals a presence: from J-Lo and Ben Affleck to TikTok stars with kilts, celebrities rarely go out without at least some form of security detail. Discover the best info about lamborghini hire Sydney.

Simon Newton has spent years protecting Middle Eastern royalty, members of parliament, and news and television crews. To find about blueface son, click here.

Jennifer Lawrence

Greg Lenz is one of the few celebrity bodyguards who has outshouted Jennifer Lawrence as much as any. A model himself, Lenz quickly gained public attention when photos surfaced of him cuddling up close with Lawrence’s Chihuahua.

He has worked with numerous celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Adele, and Lady Gaga, and is a frequent attendee at awards shows like Cannes or Monaco. Additionally, he’s often seen walking the Red Carpet.

Notable for his dapper suits and impeccable fashion sense, British Vogue named him the “real style star of London Fashion Week.” Additionally, he’s worked as a stuntman. Additionally, there are some acting projects in development. However, at heart, he remains a security guard, owning his own private security company in central London.

Ben Affleck

If you look closely enough at any celebrity photo, there’s likely a bodyguard nearby. Celebrities employ security staffers from Jennifer Lawrence to the Beckham kids to protect from paparazzi intrusion and public disturbances.

Ben Affleck can sometimes find his bodyguards standing in his way when doing simple things, like ordering coffee at Starbucks drive-thru windows. Last year, for example, when his SUV became trapped inside one of these drive-thrus and almost caused an accident, reinforcements had to be called in – almost at his peril!

J-Lo and her new husband attempted to blend in as regular people during a recent shopping trip at a Los Angeles mall, taking five children without any security in tow; yet, they didn’t hide J-Lo’s 8.5-carat engagement ring from view.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge is an immensely beloved royal figure due to her exquisite children and positive public image, but that does not absolve her from being subject to speculation that she is challenging to work with – something which resulted in one of her bodyguards quitting recently.

She is very contentious with her staff and has even been accused of bullying. Sources indicate that her actions caused two assistants to depart the palace while undermining the trust of a third.

Morgan suggested Harry and Meghan can reach an arrangement with the LA press similar to what they used to do as working royals. Their team would need to liaise regularly with media representatives while providing secure environments for the couple.

Bella Hadid

Stars often rely on bodyguards to protect them from paparazzi, kidnapping attempts, and other dangers. Yet contrary to what Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston portrayed in The Bodyguard, watching a celebrity doesn’t always lead to romance. For instance, Kanye West’s close protection officer recently filed suit against Kanye, alleging physical and sexual harassment from him.

Once responsible for protecting Michael Jackson, Kendall Jenner, and Rita Ora during their Hollywood tours, Simon Newton has left security to pursue filmmaking full-time. Now living in London, he runs his private security firm and shops two films for the 2022 release.

Recently, he revealed that some of his famous clients may have given him opportunities to go beyond professional boundaries but always remained professional. “But it’s the celebrity industry,” he laughed.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber stands alone when it comes to celebrity oddball behavior. The teen idol has made headlines due to several scandalous misadventures that garnered widespread media coverage – from kissing 14-year-old girls sexily, wearing gas masks in public and patronizing brothels.

On his 19th birthday, he demanded that fellow diners move a family out of their table so he could sit. Later he called it his worst birthday ever and was caught on video holding what sources believe is marijuana and throwing an egg at a limousine driver.

Henry was captured on video grabbing and hitting a photographer during a scuffle at a nightclub in Buenos Aires, apparently to clear away an obstruction so his guards could enter the 50,000-square-foot venue known for its impossibly big-bottomed dancers.

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