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Why is a Great Wedding Video?


Effectively, to answer that question, let’s take first ask another problem –

What is a typical wedding party video?

When asked this kind of question, most people have the same clichéd images flying through their very own heads – a lifeless Sunday afternoon; all the family packed into the lounge watching some sort of 6-hour-long unreliable videos shot by Big brother Bob on his handy-cam; extended boring shots and no cropping and editing.

Or maybe you get lucky along with you’ve had your wedding produced by a professional wedding videographer rapid Yay!

Not so fast rapid nine times out of ten, even the videos you pay money for are equally dull; filled with tedious panning shots, pathetic video transitions straight from the 80s, and set to the corniest love music known to man. The outcome is the same – 1 / 2 your family falls asleep while watching this, and the other half wishes they were asleep; anything to save all of them from the cringe-worthiness of your incredible wedding video.

The above situation is an overstated nightmare; that’s what we avoid in a video, but you may wonder what we want. What makes an excellent wedding video? Well, in a nutshell, a great wedding video is the only one that entertains everyone who else watches it and is in no way out of the DVD player. This is all down to one essential ingredient…

An excellent wedding movie is all about fun!

When you employ a wedding videographer to movie your special day, he should have the eye to pick up on all those great little moments, everything you want to remember ten years down the road; the smiles, the laughs, the actual tears, the bridesmaids strutting their stuff on the party area, and the hi-jinks of the best guy whose had one a lot of beers.

Your videographer must be able to frame a great picture and mix it up with wide shots, mids, and close-ups, not a succession of lengthy shots panning around the whole room like a gardener hosing his lawn!

Wedding videography is about subtlety, documenting the day, not leading it. The job of the wedding ceremony videographer is similar to that of the marriage photographer but vastly different. The photographer immediately has to the couple and visitors to stage those critical album shots. On the other hand, the videographer needs to blend into the setting like a ninja! He carefully captures the particular day’s magic in a “fly-on-the-wall” documented style. A good videographer is the only one you don’t even notice.

Then there’s the editing. They mentioned the magic is in the editing, and they are right. Obviously, the method has to be there in the filming stage, but ultimately all this comes down to what goes on in the revised suite; that’s where the secret is born.

What is editing?

Each video project is different along with unique, whether it’s a television set, corporate video, music video, or maybe wedding video. At the end of some sort of shoot, it’s the same predicament – you have a hard drive rich in raw footage, and you require that raw footage to turn into a video. It May be a massive jigsaw puzzle, plus it takes the right editor for you to craft it into an element that engages and entertains the viewer. So when selecting the best videographer for your wedding online video, it’s not just about deciding on a cameraman; it’s about deciding on an editor. A great wedding party video is one with excellent editing, simple as in which. If the editing isn’t right there, the video is a nonnice. A good editor builds some sort of scene that flows, applying pace and rhythm, punchy cuts, upbeat music, seem bites, and scene mechanics. An editor who knows their craft is worth his bodyweight in gold.

And then there is color grading…

What is Color Grading?

Colour grading may be the final phase of the modifying process, and a dedicated publisher will not skimp on this procedure. Color grading is essential in movies, and this movie editor does not do it; a dedicated “Colour Grader” is given the task. It could be contended that grading is the essential part of the movie because it can all be about the aesthetic complete; it’s about giving the film production company its “look.” A color grader is a person responsible for providing films like “The Matrix” and “Minority Report” which a dark look, a style known as “Bleach Bypass,” and while which look isn’t appropriate for a marriage, the wedding videographer must take time to locate a look that is. Grading all those high-definition shots of your big day, making them ooze with color and detail, will make your video jump from the screen!

What about equipment?

To place it bluntly, your videographer MUST have the right equipment; He could have at least one professional HIGH DEFINITION camcorder to do the job, however by using two, he can catch a selection of wide, mid, as well as close-up shots at the wedding ceremony and speeches – the assortment is everything. At the time of this article, such cameras are well respected and used in TV, corporate video, music videos, and weddings rapid.

Sony Z1/Z5/Z7, Sony XDCAM EX1/EX3, Panasonic AG-HVX200/201, Panasonic AG-HPX171, Panasonic AG-HMC151, Several XL-H1, Canon XH-A1, Several XH-G1, JVC GY-HD251, JVC GY-HM700.

There are many more video cameras on the market, but these are some of the top ranging in price from £3000 to £7500.

A good videographer will have a professional shotgun microphone stand mounted on the camera plus a radio mic which will be addicted onto the Groom’s seatbelt during the ceremony; the audio tracks levels have to be top-notch rapid can’t have the “I Do’s” distorting like a robot!

In terms of editing is concerned, Final Trim Pro by Apple is one of the industry favorites; its powerful software opens up a lot of editing possibilities. Sony Nevada, Premiere Pro, and Serious are also good. Magic Bullet is perfect for color grading, although applicable color grading can be done for all of the above editing purposes.

Many videographers offer Blueray discs so you can watch your video back on a HARLEY-DAVIDSON television in full high definition. This can be great, but watching it rear on a standard DVD is OK as long as the video is shot with high definition. This is actually how filming for TV has worked for countless years; pictures are shot with HD cameras, and once often the program is edited, it can be broadcast in standard explanation (with the exception connected with HD programs). So even though Blu-ray discs are often the rage, they’re not necessary.

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