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What Does a Technical SEO Consultant Do?


Technical SEO consultants specialize in website management best practices and identifying issues that impede search engine optimization, providing insight into their impact on website performance. Get the Best information about All in One SEO Basic.

When interviewing technical SEO consultants, be sure to ask how frequently they will provide reports. Some consultants prefer regular updates such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports.

Web design and layout

An effective technical SEO consultant must possess an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of search engine optimization, from keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building to using data and analytics for optimal strategy implementation – from analyzing competitor websites to keeping abreast of industry trends.

Technical SEO consultants specialize in optimizing website speed – an essential factor in increasing SERP rankings – through various means, including optimizing image sizes, compressing CSS/JavaScript files, and taking advantage of browser caching to reduce page load times. Furthermore, these consultants will make sure your site is mobile responsive, compatible with all screen sizes and resolutions.

Technical SEOs offer another critical service – link auditing – which involves identifying and disavowing any toxic or spammy links that could harm the reputation of your website, and provide strategic link building plans designed to increase organic traffic.

Hiring a full-time technical SEO specialist isn’t always realistic for businesses with multiple websites, however hiring freelance technical SEO specialists could be a viable alternative if needed only occasionally. Be sure to ask about their rates and billing procedures; some specialists charge per project while others bill regularly; additionally, some may offer flexible payment plans such as monthly subscriptions.

SSL certificate

Technical SEO companies provide many services that can benefit your website, such as audits, optimization, and keyword research. An excellent specialized SEO company will also help identify any problems impacting search engine ranking as well as optimize it for mobile devices while improving site speed, page structure, and structured data implementation. Read the Best info about Rank Booster.

Before hiring a technical SEO company, be sure to ask them how they plan to meet the unique needs and goals of your business. They should provide you with a customized technical SEO plan that complements your overall marketing strategy while remaining transparent with clear communication throughout.

Technical SEO services typically include services like site auditing, keyword research, and link analysis. Furthermore, these companies will produce monthly reports outlining all key performance indicators and next steps; additionally, they can assist in developing a content strategy as well as offer industry-specific marketing services for businesses such as ecommerce stores, SaaS providers, education institutes, or staffing agencies.

Find an SEO agency with expertise in technical SEO and a proven track record in delivering results. Review their portfolio and case studies of clients within your industry; check their portfolio if they’ve worked on any sites similar to your own; also consider reputation, reviews and pricing model of potential agencies before making your selection. Choose the best Monthly SEO.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is an SEO problem many website owners must deal with, making a crucial distinction between how it affects search engine rankings and what to do about it. Unfortunately, myths surrounding duplicate content exist, which can confuse site owners further.

Duplicated content is a significant issue that confuses search engines, potentially leading them to penalize a website. It may occur across one or multiple websites and occurs when identical or nearly identical material appears numerous times on the web through various means such as URL variations and parameters or content syndication or even on single pages where too little content exists on any one page – for instance category pages, automatically generated content pages, or thin affiliate pages are examples of duplicated material that needs to be addressed immediately.

Duplicate content doesn’t usually affect rankings negatively; however, if used deceptively, it could pose a problem. If, for instance, syndicating content outranks its original version on search results pages, then Google could take action against your site. In such situations it’s essential to utilize the rel=canonical tag which tells search engines which version of a page to rank; additionally, this prevents multiple versions from competing against each other in the results pages.

Broken links

Broken links are an insurmountable challenge for websites, disrupting user experience and undermining SEO strategies. Most often, these faulty pathways result from outdated URLs or links leading to content that no longer exists; to address this issue, a technical seo consultant will perform a comprehensive website audit in search of these faulty pathways, replacing any broken ones with valid ones and verifying all internal and external links are functioning as expected.

Internal broken links may arise for various reasons, including users entering an incorrect URL in web content, web admins renaming or permanently deleting pages without redirecting old links, firewall issues, technical difficulties causing pages to become unavailable, etc. Over time, these broken links will accumulate and compel your site to lose organic visibility.

If you discover a broken link on another website, reach out to its webmaster and ask them to fix it immediately. Explain how fixing it will improve the user experience while helping their SEO strategies. Be patient, as webmasters are busy people; response may take some time. If no response comes back from them after three emails have been sent out; follow-up via another method (such as sending them another follow-up email).