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Todays Forex Rates


BookMyForex provides daily currency rates to help you understand how much your money is worth abroad. By comparing rates across hundreds of banks and money changers, BookMyForex ensures you always receive the best exchange rates – we also offer live, real-time USD exchange rates 24*7 to help you plan for overseas transfers. Best way to find the forex robot.

Currency Pairs

Currency pairs are traded on the foreign exchange (forex) market, an immense global trading system that sees over $6.6 trillion traded daily. Of the over 28,000 potential pairs available, only a select few account for most trades; major, minor, and exotic currency pairs comprise three main categories of trade.

Each pair consists of a base currency and a quote currency, with the base being written first and quoted right to its right—meaning that its price indicates how many of these will be needed to buy one unit of base currency. For instance, EUR/USD is an iconic forex pair, wherein its price indicates what it costs in US dollars to acquire one euro.

Currency pair values are determined by supply and demand, with prices usually fluctuating as traders take positions in the market. Interest rates and geopolitical instability play an integral part in these calculations; central banks also play an influential role through changes to their monetary policies, which may subsequently alter prices accordingly.

The most frequently traded currency pair worldwide is EUR/USD, which consists of the euro and US dollar traded throughout the day and is often seen as an indicator of European and American economies’ respective strengths. USD/CHF also remains popular with traders who view it as a haven during periods of market instability.


Our currency charts provide a rich visual display of history and rate trends for your chosen currency pairs. They use live mid-market rates, are easy to use, and provide access to up to 10-year historical data sets. They’re available for all the major currencies, as well as many commodities, indices, and stocks—plus more!

Charts are visual displays that depict the mathematical relationships among various groups of data in an engaging visual format. They come in many forms, such as graphs, diagrams, and tables. Charts are an excellent way to track market trends at a glance and are useful tools for trading.

There are various types of charts, the most well-known being a line chart. This type of graph displays prices as a continuous line connecting closing prices over a given timeframe. It is ideal for beginners because it minimizes screen noise. Another popular type is a bar chart, which displays open, high, low, and closing prices across time periods for further insight.

Our forex charts also include the Performance Leaders page, which showcases the top 10 performing cross-rates based on their Percent Change since their previous close. When hovering over any green or red bars, you will see their Last Change, High/Low Prices, and Last Trade Time information.