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The Benefits of a Kids GPS Tracker Watch


Parents often turn to children’s GPS tracker watches as an effective way of monitoring their children. Less likely to be lost or stolen than mobile phones, they provide real-time location tracking. The best guide to finding gps tracker for dog.

Look for features such as two-way calling (with pre-approved numbers), geofences, and SOS capabilities that will ring up to three or more preprogrammed contacts in case of an emergency.

Peace of Mind

Parents looking out for their child while out and about or heading off to school can rest easy knowing their GPS tracker watch offers peace of mind when their youngster is on a walk or journey to class. In case they become lost or need emergency assistance, the device can quickly contact you directly; plus, it allows children the freedom they need to explore their environment independently while keeping you updated as to when they have arrived or left their designated safe spaces.

These devices often include features like cameras, games, flashlights, and do-not-disturb mode that make their use convenient for both parents and their kids alike. Some even enable communication among preprogrammed contacts using voice calls, texts, or emoticons – while parents can track their kids using GPS tracking features, set safety zones, and monitor from mobile apps.

Parents of young children may worry that GPS tracking technology poses too significant a risk, yet when utilized correctly, it is safe. GPS uses signals from nearby BTS (base transceiver station) to pinpoint its position; in cities, this may be accurate to within several meters, but may vary when in rural or outlying areas; one smartwatch such as iGeeKid only shows limited space due to low power consumption.

You can be alerted whenever your child enters or leaves a trusted location like school, the park, or their friend’s house. In fact, specific devices even feature SOS buttons that send an alert if pressed – something which might seem inconsequential now but could prove invaluable during a crisis.

Most of the best kids’ GPS tracker watches feature a SIM card slot to allow easy connection to a mobile network and work seamlessly with our recommended apps that provide reliable GPS tracking capabilities. On average, children’s GPS trackers typically use 20-40MB per month of data, so you must choose an affordable cellular plan for your family when selecting a GPS tracker watch for them. Our list will make making that decision more straightforward!

Two-Way Calling

Your kid’s GPS tracker watch should allow your child to make and receive calls or text messages, while some models will enable you to set pre-approved contact lists and set controls that prevent strangers from communicating. Filters may be applied to limit streaming music with explicit lyrics and prevent your child from downloading new apps – providing parents with peace of mind that their child is safe outside on their own.

Use GPS technology to create a safe zone for your child and receive alerts whenever they leave or enter. Some devices also feature panic buttons that automatically call your mobile app and send out SOS messages – this feature is beneficial for children experiencing fear, allergies, or stressful situations.

Most of the models we evaluated connect directly to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and utilize your cellular network service; however, some models offer standalone cellular connectivity, making them perfect for rural areas. When reviewing each option available to your family’s specific needs. It is wise to check specifications and reviews so as to select an ideal choice.

If you’re shopping for an independent GPS tracking device, opt for one with long battery life and an IP67 waterproof rating – for instance, the Pingo Track from Findmykids features an 800mAh battery life with HD cameras to act as remote monitors for your children.

AngelSense and TickTalk 4 smartwatches offer more advanced tracking solutions. While more costly than other options on the market, these wristbands come equipped with plenty of additional features that will help ensure that your child remains safer and engaged in activities they take part in – including virtual pets that reward kids when meeting step goals or accomplishing tasks, as well as mobile apps to view progress, plus two-way video calling!


Parents often appreciate having peace of mind knowing where their child is at all times, whether on a school field trip, visiting friends, or just hanging out at the mall. A GPS tracker watch can provide additional peace of mind.

GPS kid’s watch typically features a geofencing feature that allows parents to set boundaries around specific locations like home or school and notify parents if their children leave or enter these zones, such as when going to sports practices or dance classes after school. This feature can also be convenient when kids head out for extracurricular activities after school, like sports practices or dance lessons.

Findmykids provides GPS tracking data about your child that will give you an in-depth view of their movements over time, providing insight into how and why they travel between locations as well as any routes they take between these spots. This allows for a greater understanding of their movements over time as you see what routes your child took while moving between locations.

Some GPS trackers feature an SOS button that will immediately notify emergency contacts preprogrammed into the device when pressed, which can be an invaluable lifesaver in case your child gets lost or has an accident. Before purchasing such a tracker, be sure to research all its features so you know precisely which capabilities and parental controls it offers.

Xplora’s X5 Play GPS smartwatch for kids features parental controls that can be adjusted from their smartphone, enabling parents to restrict specific smartwatch functions at certain times or block access to inappropriate content. They can also manage when and how often their child receives phone calls or text messages through this watch.

In case of an emergency, most GPS kids’ tracks feature an SOS button that will immediately contact emergency services or preprogrammed contacts on the device. Some models also allow parents to set three or more numbers as an alert system so their child is safe if needed.

Geofencing allows businesses to target marketing messages directly at customers who live near their location, potentially increasing foot traffic and sales while reaching a broader customer base. Geofencing can also help attract a wider customer base for businesses trying to expand into new areas or attract a different target demographic.

Battery Life

Many children’s GPS tracker watches depend on smartphone applications for updates and features, relying on smartphone connectivity for updates and features such as LBS tracking. Cell tower signals to update GPS updates provide less battery power consumption and greater accuracy than GPS tracking alone. Look for models featuring backup LBS tracking features instead, which use cell tower signals instead. LBS requires less battery power consumption while providing accurate updates.

Consider how easy the watch will be for your child to use; some devices require parental approval, while others offer direct ID login for the eye. In either instance, make sure your child understands that their communications are limited to pre-approved contacts only and learn how to activate an emergency SOS button; usually, this involves long pressing one or more watch buttons simultaneously and will send out an alarm that calls three or more designated contacts in a loop until someone answers back.

Some children’s GPS devices come equipped with extra features to encourage kids to wear and use them responsibly, such as built-in games or fitness tracking capabilities that reward kids with coins for staying active.

Although these extra features may be excellent, don’t let them distract from the primary purpose of purchasing a GPS watch for children: safety. Alper recommends considering those features that make your child most excited to wear and use the device – that will likely also serve as a good indicator of its performance.

In our testing, the Xplora X5 Play won top marks for fun due to its extensive collection of engaging games that engage children while encouraging them to keep wearing it throughout their day. Other helpful features of this model include safe zones that trigger alerts as soon as your child leaves them and geofencing, which limits its location to specific places like home and school.

However, due to issues with its camera and connectivity that caused tracking and messaging delays early in our testing process, this device slipped down our list. By contrast, T-Mobile’s SyncUP kids watch offers full keyboard texting support as well as extensive parental controls – making it the most comprehensive GPS tracker available in our reviews. Furthermore, its pedometer awards kids rewards for activity and boasts a dual camera with video/photo features, customizable screens that make this feel like a fun watch, and is equipped with an impressive set of parental controls.

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