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Boba Tea Near Me in Florida


Boba tea, a sweet beverage with chewy tapioca pearls, has become increasingly popular and can now be found at many popular restaurants and coffee shops nationwide. To know more, check out bearybobafl.com

Aravita is one of Florida’s premier boba tea spots, known for its refreshing drinks that don’t go over the top in terms of sweetness. Their signature taro milk tea is delightful!


Aravita in South Cape Coral provides the ideal atmosphere for enjoying a soothing cup of boba tea. Their menu boasts an extensive selection of Taiwanese fruit or milk teas, as well as drinks made with chewy tapioca pearls – and their staff will happily customize your glass with any of your preferred flavor or ingredient requests! Prices here are very affordable, so bring along the whole family to try Aravita’s fresh boba drinks.

At this location, the boba is deliciously satisfying without being overly sweet; in fact, its earthy notes provide a welcome respite from some other locations’ overly sugary offerings. Chewing it releases mild yet pleasant bursts of flavor upon each chew!

If you’re craving bubble tea late at night, Postmates provides numerous delivery services, including Macau Specialties Musical Restaurant and Aravita Coffee, Smoothies, And Bubble Tea (Hialeah). Enter your address to see which options are available – these popular spots will surely satisfy your desire for bubbly goodness!

107 Taste

107 Taste Restaurant in Plantation, Florida, offers an exquisite blend of Korean and Japanese cuisine, boasting an excellent 4.6 out of 186 Google reviews. Dine-in, curbside pickup, or no-contact delivery are all options available to customers; among the menu items include delicious Japanese Ramen, Thai Rice & and Avocado Rolls, as well as delicious doughnuts & and crepe cakes!

Boba tea served at this location is sweet without being overly slushy like other chains, offering a solid tea flavor combined with neutral notes from tapioca pearls, providing a welcome balance against its sugary sweetness. Furthermore, drinks are reasonably priced and available in two sizes; their staff is welcoming and helpful and creates a welcoming and friendly environment in which to dine.

Litchi Snow Ice

Litchi Snow Ice offers an assortment of drinks and snacks to satisfy every craving, such as Taiwanese bubble tea, smoothies, and rolled ice creams. Their team uses carefully chosen ingredients when crafting Snow Ice drinks, so you’re guaranteed a delectable yet refreshing beverage every time!

Enjoy an array of Asian-inspired dishes, such as the Oakobing, featuring mango and honeydew melon shaved ice topped with sticky red bean and sprinkles of roasted soybean powder; for something more traditional, check out Injeolmi, it harkens back to Korean roots of bingsu!

I found the shaved ice to be deliciously decadent and the toppings fresh and delectable. Additionally, the staff was exceptionally welcoming and friendly – the atmosphere was very cozy – I will definitely return!

My favorite boba place in the area, these high-quality teas offer superb texture while their prices are fantastic, too. Their milk tea selection is incredible, as is their choice of toppings; unfortunately, they no longer accept cash payments, so bring along a valid credit/debit card!

Another stand-out feature of this establishment is its allergy-friendly offerings. Their knowledgeable staff offers numerous choices tailored to the needs of those living with food allergies, while there’s even a dedicated gluten-free menu if necessary – they even make special orders!

People who don’t have time to go out can also order online or at their restaurant; their delivery service offers convenient service for busy individuals who still want a bite of boba tea! With numerous flavors and toppings – even vegan options for lactose intolerance! – available, anyone wanting a taste can experience it for themselves!

If you’re in search of a unique way to treat yourself or someone special, this is the place for you! The staff are warm and inviting, while their beverages are deliciously refreshing.

Snow Kool

Snow Kool is a small shop that specializes in bubble tea and ice cream. Their excellent customer service makes sure everyone leaves happy; plus, their menu has many unique flavors – especially their delicious ice cream rolls.

Their drinks are incredibly smooth and sweet without becoming watered down or too sweet, with an ample variety of toppings ranging from tapioca pearls that offer subtle sweetness without overshadowing the drink to delicious tapioca pearls with a slight sweetness that doesn’t overpower it all.

Uber Eats makes ordering drinks from them simple: order and pay. Their delivery drivers are friendly, and your order will always be ready when you arrive – plus, there’s free delivery on some select orders!

Snow Kool may initially seem like just another boba tea shop, but they also provide regional Chinese dishes like rou jia mo filled with tender pork, hulatang noodles, and beef noodle soup, as well as their signature beef steamed buns. Their Doral strip mall location boasts excellent customer service but can get quite busy during lunch hours, so avoiding them during rush hour would be wiser.

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