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Choosing the Perfect Front Door for Your HouseAdvice on Purchasing Doors


Whether it’s an exterior or interior door, making a bold statement is essential.
We have found doors to fit any house, giving you a fresh way to show off your style. Pick from a variety of eye-catching, up-to-date layouts.

Front doors

Beautiful wood, sleek metal, and even a door in a bold color are all options.


Urban Front is a company that specializes in contemporary, designer-style entry doors, and its co-founder, Elizabeth Assaf, claims that a front door should provide your home “wow factor” while simultaneously providing security and insulation. “Think about the house’s exterior—is it rendered or brick, classic or contemporary; does the entryway have a wooden or tiled floor?” Paneled doors may never go out of style, but you are not limited to a specific era when installing them. Don’t be scared to use a modern door compared to older buildings. The most recent developments are:

Open portals If your current door has enough space on either side to accommodate a more oversized frame, upgrading to a 950mm door can make a significant difference. Full-height glass side lights can also bring natural light into a dark hallway.

Natural wood While oak was once the wood of choice, Iroko and American black walnut have since surpassed it in popularity. The solid wood doors from Urban Front and the engineered wood from Jeld-Wen feature a steel-reinforced core to avoid warping.

Simplicity “Even on a Victorian or Edwardian home, a modern door can create a cool contrast,” explains Nabil Assaf, also of Urban Front. “Modern but unobtrusive thanks to concealed hinges and understated stainless steel inlays.”

Swing doors Mark Dyson, a partner at Enclosure Architects, explains that bespoke pivot doors are standard because they may be created wider than tall. Pivot doors can be manufactured up to 4m in width since there is no “bending moment” when the door opens, reducing the stress on the hinges.


Sarah Cole, director of Farrow & Ball, recommends Black Blue (£44.99 per 2.5l), which is neither genuinely black nor blue and creates a sleek effect for red-brick and Georgian properties. Midnight blue looks great on a Victorian home with a white facade.

Green and gray are timeless color choices; choose a glossy finish for an urban dwelling and a matte one for a rural one (currently, Carriage Green, Studio Green, and Off-Black are Farrow & Ball’s most popular tones). Louise Smith, Dulux’s color and design manager, recommends using darker tones on front doors if you’re going for a more sophisticated color scheme. For a rich appearance, I recommend either Cocoa Blush 1 or Maraschino Mocha 1, and for a bolder one, I recommend either Tarragon Glory 5 or Red Stallion 4 (£16.99 for 2.5l).

interior doorways
These days, doors can serve as walls or windows and be constructed of steel or glass. With the push of a button, it’s gone. ‘There are even ones you can make disappear into the floor,’ exclaims Wells Mackereth Architects’ James Wells. Doors within a house are becoming less of a physical barrier and more of a means to facilitate the free circulation of light and people.

Glass Today, glass panel, and sliding doors with minimal hardware are all the rage. The Disappearing Door Company, Inner Door, and Dorma are all reliable manufacturers.

The days of shaky sliding doors are over, thanks to the advent of pocket doors that conceal themselves within the wall. The David Barley Company, UK distributors of the chic Eclisse collection of entries, says: “They are a complete system to which you can add your door, leaving no need to compromise on door style.” James Fletcher, the company’s MD, argues they are “ideal” to separate living and sleeping spaces.

Invisible Seamless doors, curved or flat, create a sense of continuity in a room. Consider Dooria or Doorhaus.

Wood grain texture Use doors made of dark, grainy wood. The Tetrix collection by Barausse has teak, stainless steel, and leather, while the Panama collection features tiles made from coconut shells.

Safety and protection from fires

Preventing Fires
There are fire codes that must be followed when installing a new door, whether it’s on the inside or the outside. Any exit that connects to a designated path used in the event of a fire must be kept locked at all times. Instead of automatic closing mechanisms, Royde & Tucker developed the SmoClo concealed fire door system. Installing is a breeze as long as the door is already wired into a mains-powered smoke detector system. To learn more, check out firesafety.org.uk.

Safety at Home
Kerry Walters of The London Door Company states, “A Yale-type rim latch cylinder lock is insufficient protection.” Instead, you should use a lock that complies with the British Standard five-lever mortice deadlock mechanism. Police officer Banham suggests combining a latch lock with a deadlock (for example, an insurance-approved Banham M2002 cylinder mortice deadlock and an L2000 rim deadbolt that complies with British Standard 3621). Consider the advantages of a steel entry door if you live in a dangerous neighborhood. Select laminated security glass if you’re concerned about safety. Visit securedbydesign.com for further assistance.

Hardware for Doors


Entryway Specifics Knockers, letter plates, and plain brushed stainless steel numbers are currently all the rage. Consider Architectural Components or SDS London. Consider a modern Perspex or stainless steel plaque from Abode Plaques as an alternative to traditional metal house numbers.
Grip patterns vary HAF Designs, and Turnstyle Designs offer unique door pulls for interior doors made from various materials, including steel, bronze, wood, and leather. Holloways of Ludlow is a reliable supplier of vintage door hardware. B&Q offers both modern and classic door knobs at reasonable prices.


Applying decorative film is a fast and stylish way to update glass partitions. It can be sliced into enticing shapes like letters, numbers, and patterns. Karen Lansdown, the co-founder of the decorative film business Brume, adds, “The opaque finish of frosted film gives privacy while still allowing light through and makes your door stand out.”


“Doors are key to the energy conservation, security, and aesthetics of your home,” says Mark Roberts, product manager at Jeld-Wen. Examine its state; if moisture has penetrated the door, it may have expanded, discolored, and cracked. A carpenter can tell you if the entry has been damaged beyond repair or needs to be sanded, varnished (or painted), and realigned. If your door is drafty, try realigning it or strengthening the frame; if that doesn’t work, a weatherstrip at the top or bottom of the door may do the trick. Make sure every glass is double-paned and securely fastened.

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