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Cellular Security Cameras


Cellular security cameras rely on cell networks to transmit video footage and provide remote monitoring without the need for WiFi connectivity, making them ideal for locations with poor or inconsistent Internet connections, such as warehouses, greenhouses, boatyards, farms, or vacation homes. Guide to get it Online.

Retailers looking to install a 4G security camera must select a mobile data plan that supports its capabilities. To minimize cellular data consumption, retailers may only use their cameras during business hours for surveillance purposes.

Reolink 4G Starlight

Reolink 4G Starlight is a mobile HD security camera that operates using cellular data networks instead of WiFi, making it suitable for remote locations where WiFi may be unreliable, such as off-grid cabins in the woods, barns, or construction sites. Powered by batteries, this mobile battery-powered camera features 1080p HD resolution with 33ft night vision capability as well as person/vehicle detection and two-way audio support – ideal for off-grid cabins in the woods!

The camera utilizes a SIM card to access cellular data networks and can connect with many popular network providers such as AT&T (US), T-Mobile (US), Vodafone UK, EE Limited (UK), Three UK and Wind Tre (Italy), among many others. Furthermore, it features an internal microSD card storage capacity for local video recordings with no monthly fees required to operate it.

Reolink app supports iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac computers and enables remote viewing and playback of live video feeds and recorded footage from cameras using ColorX technology to produce true full-color night vision; its 1/1.8 inch image sensor offers high-resolution footage.

Whenever movement is detected, this mobile security camera sends instant alerts via push notifications and email, giving you instantaneous notice on your smartphone or tablet. From there, you can activate a siren or create personalized voice alerts to drive away intruders. Plus, its IP65 waterproof design means it can withstand rain, snow, heat, or cold extremes!

This wireless security camera also offers time-lapse, which is helpful in tracking long-term events like plant growth or changing weather patterns. You can record footage directly onto a micro SD card and upload it to Reolink Cloud as offsite video storage for video history. Furthermore, its swivel base enables easy adjustment for different views; its 105-degree field of view ensures coverage across most areas without blind spots.

Eufy 4G Starlight

The Eufy 4G Starlight LTE security camera allows users to keep an eye on their home or business from any location with an internet connection, providing high-quality footage in two K color precision and a built-in night sensor to deliver quality video footage. In addition, an audio alarm and flashing light deter potential intruders. Plus, its remote connectivity and long battery life make this an excellent option for keeping track of property at all times!

This camera uses a 3G or 4G LTE SIM card to access mobile data networks instead of WiFi, making it perfect for rural locations. It has an extended battery life that can last up to three months and solar panel charging support, enabling even longer use. Furthermore, its ability to detect and filter out false alarms reduces the risks of unwanted alerts.

Like most Anker products, the 4G Starlight is sleek and compact for easy placement in most environments, featuring waterproof construction for outdoor installations. Setup is straightforward; control can be managed using the Eufy Security app on a smartphone as well as motion detectors or by pressing the button on the device itself.

The Eufy 4G offers several advantages over its competitor, Arlo Pro, such as lower pricing and no monthly fee for cloud storage, intelligent alerts, and activity zones. Furthermore, it is smaller, has better night vision capabilities, and supports local storage. It also offers Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration for seamless integration of existing IoT devices into the camera itself. Unfortunately, it does not support Apple HomeKit, but this may still be considered a viable option by some consumers.

A rechargeable battery powers the camera and can be set up anywhere outdoors. It comes equipped with a mount that allows users to mount it to any surface securely and is adjustable so as to fit most spaces. Furthermore, wall mounting capabilities exist, as well as a power cable with a USB connector that connects directly to an external power source; its built-in 8GB storage can be expanded using microSD cards.

Hikvision 4G Starlight

Hikvision 4G Starlight security camera offers full-featured remote monitoring capability using its SIM card to connect to mobile networks, alerting you when motion is detected and supporting HD video streaming 24/7 round-the-clock. IR night vision provides up to 30 meters of visibility even in complete darkness while even being capable of seeing people or vehicles passing in front of it.

One of the hallmarks of this camera’s appeal lies in its independence from WiFi and power connections, thanks to its integrated battery and solar panel. As it provides complete self-sufficiency, this model makes an excellent option for remote areas without these amenities or situations where these may be interrupted (such as during power outages).

Users can customize settings using the Hikvision app and can select an activity area to monitor. When movement is detected in this area, recording will begin automatically, and an alert will be sent through their app via flashing red lights and short beeps. You can adjust sensitivity settings so as to set how sensitively and over what distance range the camera should detect motion detection.

Two-way audio capabilities are another standout feature of this camera, enabling users to communicate with people in their homes via the app and speak two-way. Although audio quality may not be superb, it should still allow for essential information exchange among visitors.

This camera can be used with intelligent assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant; however, it does not support Apple HomeKit, so those interested must look elsewhere for such a device.

Although not as budget-friendly, the Hikvision 4G Starlight stands out from this list with its robust feature set and reliable operation. Its high-resolution image sensor and F1.0 lens deliver professional-grade color imaging even in low light conditions, while its IR cut filter disengages to allow more visible light to enter its lens, allowing this camera to capture more details than similar cameras that rely on less capable imaging technologies.

Reolink 4G PTZ

Reolink 4G PTZ is a portable security camera that runs on cellular data and can be used even without WiFi connections. Featuring night vision that detects movement up to 33 feet away and an easy setup process with standard SIM cards, the Reolink app lets you view live video streaming from around the globe while downloading 30-second clips for viewing later. Furthermore, two color choices exist: white and black are both offered.

This 4G connectivity makes this outdoor camera invincible where WiFi cannot reach, while its rechargeable battery delivers long-lasting power. Plus, its solar panel connectivity provides even more nonstop energy. Rated IP65 to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, and heat, HD video provides more explicit pictures, while starlight technology lets it pick out even minute details in low-light situations.

Monitor this camera remotely via a free mobile app and receive instantaneous alerts when motion is detected, including alert notifications when there are unwelcome visitors or sounding sirens to warn off potential intruders. Furthermore, its motion detection feature can even be adjusted so as to avoid false alarms.

This camera utilizes a 1/3″ CMOS sensor to capture 2560 x 1440 resolution video at 15 frames per second at 15 frames per second. Equipped with six IR LEDs to provide night vision up to 33′ away and with panning and tilting capabilities of 355deg panning and 140deg rocking, respectively, for easy coverage of large areas, as well as its revolving base, which makes mounting it on walls or poles easy, the camera offers exceptional value.

Reolink camera offers support for up to 64GB SD cards and features a microSD slot for continuous recording. In addition, it’s compatible with Reolink cloud storage, so your recordings are securely stored for up to 30 days; you can even watch them offline if you don’t have access to reliable internet. Reolink provides 2-year warranties.

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