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What Happened to Sportsmanship in the World of Gambling?


The Romans held their own “Olympic Games” a couple of thousand years ago, which was the pinnacle of athletic achievement. The evolution of these competitions ultimately led to the modern Olympic Games. Discover the best info about 먹튀폴리스 먹튀사이트.

Many other sports have since gained popularity in modern times, with football (nearly 2 billion followers worldwide) being the most popular. Many of these sports have turned their top performers and international representatives into multimillionaires.

Most notably, Tiger Woods (currently ranked first in the world in golf) has been called the first sportsperson to become a billionaire since sports were first invented.

Michael Jordan, widely considered the best basketball player of all time, is only a few hundred million dollars away from becoming a billionaire.

You can never say these players have given less than their all on the field. If you look at their track record, it’s easy to conclude that they’ve been successful 90% of the time. Of course, we all experience bad days occasionally because we are human. As a result, the occasional lackluster showings.

Some sports, however, are so obviously tainted by gambling that it has permeated the highest levels of management. Of course, I’m referring to the sport of FOOTBALL.

As an illustration, consider the 2018 World Cup. More than twenty times, the match’s outcome would have been different if the referee or linesman had made an additional call. This would seem minor to most spectators except for those who had stakes in the game’s outcome. Furthermore, around 5% of global viewers are estimated to place wagers on the fun. One hundred million people around the world would watch this. If each stake were worth $10, the total value of each match would be $1 billion. Throughout the tournament, more than 30 games were played. There is a total of over $30 billion at risk. Incredible, right? In roughly 30 days.

If FIFA (the world governing body for football) had agreed to install the video playback currently used by other sports like tennis and badminton, the mistakes made by the referee or linesmen could have been avoided. The playback verification procedure is quick and only takes a few seconds. The element of “unfair play” is also removed. FIFA president Joseph Blatter has released a statement emphasizing the importance of “fair play and respect.” Who needs justice? Syndicates stole millions. As such, FIFA’s apathy is puzzling. Is it possible that there are people within FIFA who back the gambling gangs?

The most famous incident in football history involves Diego Maradona and his “hand of god” goal against England; had video playback technology been available at the time, the outcome of that game might have been different. It’s technically a foul because he scored with his hand. No point.

Take this matchup between a top team and a team in the 70s. It’s likely that the entire team won’t advance, with odds of 3 to 1. A bettor who placed a $10 wager on the whole group will win $30 or less. The match would cost about $300 million if 10 million viewers participated. When there’s $300 million on the line, it’s not hard to BUY someone for, say, $1 million. When you make $100-$200 per game, it’s tough to resist this sort of temptation. (as in the case of the linesmen and referees not making a call at a critical stage during the match).

Let’s look at the same scenario; only this time, we’ll alter the stakes. Most wagers are placed with adjustable odds. That means the chance consists of several smaller bets. Let’s compare the top team, A, with team X. (ranked in the 70s). A rough outline of the change would look like this:

Three to one odd that Team A will beat Team X.
A 1-0 victory for Team A over Team X = 3-1 Odds
A 5-2 win for Team A over Team X.
The odds of Team A drawing with Team X after 90 minutes are 10 to 1.

Therefore, the syndicates win no matter the match’s score (including overtime), even if Team X wins or ties with Team A.

The involvement of referees and linesmen in match-fixing has been documented. In the past, there have been documented instances of football players engaging in match-fixing. With such a tainted past, you’d think FIFA would embrace video replay technology. You have to wonder why they haven’t implemented this glaringly obvious technology. WHY?

If we had video playback technology, we wouldn’t consider this.

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