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Laptop computer Memory Upgrades – How you can Install Them Yourself


How you can install SODIMM laptop memory space be this in your laptop computer, notebook, sub-notebook, or netbook computer (as these all apply here).

Is this for me?

There is normally a false misconception amongst the general public that installing laptop computer memory space is something only a correct qualified professional should do. I believe it is important to finally let this particular age-old myth rest. Although it is true that most aspects of theoretically challenging a laptop computer from the hardware perspective are hard, thus something a standard pc user should not attempt, updating laptop computer memory is not one of these. The latter is actually a simple enough process to follow, and definitely, one that can be performed by the majority of computer users providing these people follow some simple but useful advice.

The necessary resources and/or parts and other factors

Before you can attempt installing the latest laptop memory upgrade it is advisable to prepare some tools along with parts as well as choose the ideal place to carry out the procedure. I’m going to assume you already have a mobile computer ready destined for an upgrade.

The most important of course is that you get purchased a new compatible mobile computer memory upgrade and thus depend on on00 these laptop memory themes. Should this not be the lens case you should purchase this coming from a source of your choice and once accomplished revisit this article.

Secondly, you will want a small Philips head electric screwdriver. These normally come in pieces of six or so of assorted sizes, there is a high probability you already own all these somewhere in your garage or DIY toolbox. Thirdly, it is advisable that you have an anti-static wristband. This is because laptop computer memory is usually sensitive to static injury. You can purchase this cheaply on the web, simply search for the term but it will surely be an easy, quick cheap buy. If for reasons unknown you cannot purchase an anti-static wristband find something created from metal around your house. This can be a metal lamp, some sort of metal table leg, or possibly a metal screwdriver. This will be employed to discharge any static piled up within your body, just to be on the safe side which will help prevent damaging your laptop computer memory space modules.

Fourthly, you may desire to prepare a piece of cloth on which to later rest your own laptop computer to prevent scratching its surface. This is optionally available but given that most people will rather keep their laptop in tip-top condition it is really worth a mention.

Once you have all of the above take a moment to think about wherever (i. e. what room) in your house (or otherwise) you are able to carry out the upgrade process. It is recommended this room features a hard surface on which to unwind your laptop, a good source of light, a means for you to sit down easily, and also somewhere that is free of moisture or dust, or any type of other environmentally hazardous event.

The general procedure

Upgrading SODIMM laptop computer memory is actually quite simple and if you convince yourself to ultimately have a go, you will soon probably become a follower of this perception.

Having all the above-called parts, tools, and location prepared, the first thing to do is to find the laptop computer memory of these types of covers on your laptop computer. The majority of laptop computers have this within the underside so flip this upside down (this is in which the aforementioned piece of cloth comes in handy) and have a hunt there. Modern laptop computers as a rule have a few bays on the bottom, one of which will hold the mobile computer memory modules. Either unscrew each one, in turn, to find this kind of out the manual way or maybe consult your laptop’s end user manual for a quick concept.

Once inside you will sometimes see one or more vacant video poker machines in which to insert your own personal laptop memory upgrade or maybe all slots full. With respect to the outcome, you may need to first get one or more existing laptop computer recollection modules. You can do this by drawing an outwards direction about the clips located at sometimes side of each module. After done, these will cause typically the corresponding laptop computer memory element to release ready for you to seize and pull out. Remember that ahead of touching it you should sometimes be wearing an anti-static wristband, or you should touch something made of metal that is certainly earthed – in both circumstances to discharge your body of just about any static.

Next, unpack a newly purchased laptop memory upgrade along with inserting each module one after the other (should you have more than one) into the memory slots. Accomplish note of the latch positioning on the laptop computer memory component itself. Be sure to align this with the memory slot. Place the module at an angle of approximately 45 degrees until the hooks (usually gold plated) tend to be barely visible. Now push down on the module until it finally clips into place. You are going to hear this happen, and after that, the laptop computer memory component will be securely installed.

Replicate the above process for the number of modules your new laptop memory space upgrade contains. You may need to change the above procedure slightly based if your laptop requires setting up modules in pairs (i. e. in very old laptop computers or newer laptops that support dual channel operation).

After you have successfully followed the above-mentioned installation, replace the laptop computer memory space bay cover in its rightful place and screw this back using the same screw(s) it was held in originally.

Finally, turn your laptop the proper way up and turn the ability on. You can either get into its BIOS to check if the new laptop computer memory is actually detected (this normally needs you to press a key for example Del, F2, F12, and so on depending on the type of BIOS soon after powering it on) or maybe wait until the Operating System a lot. If you do not see the expected volume of physical memory installed, be sure to verify whether you fully injected the laptop computer memory themes. If for example one is a little bit lose, its capacity won’t be detected. In rare cases, you are delivered memory that is incorrect, otherwise known as DOA (Dead-On-Arrival).

In summary

Be sure to extract the most significant traits of the above data. The commonly heard predictions that installing SODIMM mobile computer memory is something simply a true qualified professional needs to perform is a myth. Truth to tell that you can perform this procedure by yourself and thus save money and time frame. The only limiting factor to the above is to first you should definitely have all the necessary parts, applications, and last but not least appropriate position to do so. You should also remember to yard yourself to prevent any likely static damage to the notebook memory modules themselves. Accomplish this either by wearing an anti-static wristband or regularly in contact with something made of metal that is definitely earthed.

Above all don’t work as a victim of various computer expert services outlets that try and communicate you into the complexity of this procedure and as is very practical for them, charge you a higher than average premium for their service.

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