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Dating Tips – How to Be Yourself and Make a Good Impression


No matter if it is your first or 50th date, dating can be daunting and stressful at times. Here are a few helpful hints that can make the experience smoother for all involved. Get the Best information about what single dads look for in a woman.

Set clear expectations and be honest when talking with others about yourself. Finding people with compatible goals becomes much more straightforward if both parties understand each other’s intentions.

1. Be yourself.

Most dating advice focuses on making you appear more appealing, while being yourself can actually make the most significant impression on someone. Being yourself ensures 100% honesty and truth and can only connect you with another individual in an authentic manner.

Though being yourself is critical, that doesn’t mean that you should reveal all of your secrets or change who you are to make an impression on a date. Doing this can be off-putting and reflect poorly upon you as an individual. Being genuine should always come first, yet taking steps like wearing clean clothes and smelling nice will go far toward making dates more comfortable.

Always strive to be your best self whenever on a date, whether that means curbing whiney complaints or cleaning up before your next date.

Keep your search for love in perspective: focus more of your energy and efforts on other aspects of life, such as work, hobbies, and relationships with family and friends instead. Doing this will keep you happy and healthy and more likely to attract someone special when the right moment comes along!

2. Be honest.

Honesty is essential to dating; it enables you to be more genuine and build trust. However, it is vital that when it comes to being honest about some issues with a potential partner, be selective about what information is shared – for instance, don’t share every detail of your past relationships, such as divorce proceedings, as this could be too much information and may not always be suitable.

On the other hand, there are certain things you must always be upfront and honest about. Never conceal information that could impact a relationship negatively, such as past marriage failure or mental health concerns. Also, it’s good practice to disclose goals and intentions early in a relationship if, for instance, they expect commitment; that way, both can assess if this partnership fits their expectations or not.

Being honest in dating goes beyond simply being truthful – it also requires being respectful. Don’t criticize or complain about your partner or their behavior, as this could be hurtful; women tend to hold onto criticism more vividly than compliments.

As much as it may be difficult, be open and honest with your partner, even when it is hard. If they say or do something that makes you uncomfortable, address it directly instead of avoiding or dismissing it outright. Being open will enable both of you to reach mutually beneficial solutions together while strengthening the bond between each of you.

3. Be selective.

Being selective when dating is essential. Being selective helps you find the ideal partner while avoiding toxic relationships, yet many misinterpret it as pickiness when actually it is just discernment – listening and trusting your gut instincts when making decisions is what discerning is all about! Don’t be intimidated into acting upon something if something doesn’t feel quite right – listen to what your gut tells you! If something doesn’t feel quite right, then don’t go ahead!

Opting to be selective when selecting your dating partners can save time by only dating those who share your interests and values, eliminating wasted time spent dating those who don’t meet them and leading to frustration and disappointment.

Being selective can also help you avoid unhealthy relationships that jealous individuals have created. Jadedness can have devastating results, such as violence and manipulation; therefore, it is crucial when dating multiple women at once.

Being selective is an excellent strategy for finding your ideal partner, but be wary not to go overboard. Too many criteria can make finding someone difficult and result in missed matches; to maximize results, it’s wiser to limit how many profiles you view each day and focus on those that fit with your lifestyle needs and preferences.

4. Be open-minded.

Being open-minded when dating is essential. Being closed-minded could mean missing out on potential happiness and love opportunities that could exist elsewhere. Being open means not judging someone by their appearance, race, or the way they speak and allowing yourself to interact with people in different ways – such as video-chatting instead of texting!

Being open-minded can be challenging for some individuals, particularly those with emotional and mental rigidity. This is due to unconsciously held expectations that hinder success in dating; for instance, some may avoid interracial relationships due to family disapproval, which will ultimately lead to unsatisfactory results.

Open-mindedness can be challenging for those unfamiliar with specific sex preferences, for instance, if someone you’re dating prefers rope bondage over condom use. Instead of immediately passing judgment on them as an offense against open-mindedness principles, try understanding why their preference exists and appreciate its differences more thoroughly. This approach to appreciation helps foster appreciation of differences amongst us all and promotes acceptance among individuals.

At Feeld, we believe being open-minded can help you form deeper connections with potential mates. While it can be tempting to make a list of requirements for your ideal partner, leaving room for surprises can open the doors to unexpected romance. When dating on Feeld, both mind and heart must remain open – otherwise, you might miss out on something truly remarkable that far surpasses anything on your wishlist!

5. Be flexible.

Flexibility is one of my go-to relationship skills and one I value greatly. Flexibility involves letting go of fixed perspectives and being open to your partner’s point of view, being able to see things from their viewpoint, and making changes that benefit the relationship. According to research by John Gottman, being flexible is a critical characteristic of loving relationships; the inability to be flexible is one significant predictor of divorce.

Flexibility can be challenging since it’s often misinterpreted as a weakness. But that doesn’t have to be the case: for instance, if your partner consistently arrives late for meetings and you feel pressured and stressed out by this development, consider asking yourself this: is standing up for my beliefs more important than making them happy?

Flexibility also plays a part in your Requirements. For example, if your requirements include being monogamous, financially responsible, addiction-free, and close to family of origin, there may not be much room for flexibility. But to create a happy marriage and compromise acceptably and respectfully are both part of being flexible – the best way to become loose in relationships is to practice this trait in yourself first before getting caught off guard in another relationship.

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